Wholesale Services

e-GLAM products arrive lovingly wrapped in our blanket of appreciation.

e-GLAM Services!

e-GLAM offers various levels of service because only you know what is appropriate for the occasion. When you are ready, e-GLAM will provide services that are:

1. Ready For You:
The Ready For You service is designed for you to select from our existing designs and colors in our catalogue.

2. Made For You:
The Made For You service is designed for you to select from our existing designs with your choice of custom colors and fabric or leather.

3. e-GLAM Signature
The e-GLAM Signature service is intended to provide you with an original design that express your individuality and purpose.

All of e-GLAM’s products can be made to reflect the special needs of the occasion. Corporate gifts, promotional/marketing events, and special retail campaigns. Let us enhance your selection with:

  • Special Embroidery
  • Monograms
  • Tattoo
  • Logo
  • Patches
  • Custom Colors

Gift Giving Strategies
By Tom Hopkins exclusively for e-GLAM, Inc.

Tom Hopkins, author of How to Master the Art of Selling

People love being appreciated. Being singled out in a positive manner makes them feel important. And, if you’re the one making them feel so good, they’ll remember you well.

Before you give a gift to a client, think about what your purpose is for the gift. Do you want to thank them for their business? Are you trying to get their attention or interest in your product or services? Once you determine what you are trying to accomplish, look at the type and quality of gift you’re selecting. Does it speak to your goals? If it does, take the next step to making it even better. Find a way to include a surprise... something the recipient wouldn’t expect.

In instances of getting attention by giving attention, it’s imperative that you stand out in a crowd. The stronger your relationship with your client, the more personalized your gift should be…something they would personally value.

If you have done business with the client for a while, you should know what that person likes and gear your gift to his or her highest level of enjoyment. After all, the more they enjoy it, the more highly and often they’ll think of you.

Tom Hopkins International, Inc.
30 years of Building Sales Champions.