e-GLAM CEO, Robin McDougal featured as columist in Be Inkadecent Magazine

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e-GLAM Founder Robin McDougal Has It in the Bag

Be Inkandescent: What does the next decade look like for e-GLAM? ... Be on the lookout for more from Robin in Be Inkandescent Magazine.

e-GLAM, Inc. named one of American Heart Association's national supporting sponsor and first ever, greater Washington region sponsor for American Heart Association's GO RED FOR WOMEN Campaign.


Reston, VA - e-GLAM, Inc., an accessories company better known for its fashionable approach to laptop bag luxury, is providing financial support and launching a nation wide, heart health awareness campaign, e-GLAM’s Friendship Tour, to benefit the lives of 2 million women.

e-GLAM will Launch the 15 city Friendship Tour at the new Washington Nationals Baseball Park, Saturday, June 21, 2008. Friends and family will enjoy a warm summer evening at the most spectacular ballpark in Major League Baseball. Washington DC’s newest landmark is well appointed with state-of-the-art high definition video boards and a sound system that makes every seat the Best Seat. While enjoying the on-field action, friends and family will have an opportunity to learn about heart healthy habits from health experts. This very special event will be open to the public as well the families and friends of the United States Armed Forces.

Together with the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women campaign, e-GLAM will ask women and their friends to stop the #1 killer of women…Heart Disease, by simply loving their heart with heart healthy knowledge. Each year heart disease and stroke claims the lives of more than half a million women-about a death a minute. One in three adult women has some form of cardiovascular disease. e-GLAM’s Friendship Tour offers a fun and dynamic environment in which to celebrate with friends, family and loved ones all while learning some simple steps to help reduce risk and raise awareness-key to wiping out heart disease.

On Friday, February 1, 2008, Marie Osmond, AHA’s newest national spokesperson for the Go Red For Women campaign, announced her support. She encourages women to take care of themselves by living a heart healthy lifestyle.

e-GLAM’s belief that friends and self-empowerment can be a life-line to good health. As a result, e-GLAM’s Friendship Tour has scheduled a series of social networking events/ (celebrations) in 15 American Heart Association/Go Red For Women cities. The New Washington Nationals Ball Park is the 1st stop on e-GLAM’s Friendship Tour schedule. For tickets and a detailed list of cities, visit: www.e-glamsfriendshiptour.com

Presentations and e-GLAM,Inc.
Partner for Unique Marketing Effort


FAIRFAX, VA–e-GLAM, Inc. and Presentations LLC have collaborated in a direct marketing campaign designed to promote e-GLAM’s line of women’s laptop handbags.
The effort, which includes custom three-dimensional marketing materials, is intended to increase awareness of the e-GLAM’s brand among top women’s retail lines.

“We are delighted to be working with e-GLAM to promote such an exciting line of women’s products,” said Presentations partner and co-founder Pam Colaluca.
“e-GLAM is a pioneer in giving women more options to express their personalities, especially in the realm of business accessories--they’ve given new life to the once dull and dreary briefcase.”

e-GLAM, Inc. is a "Click and Mortar" company, which designs and distributes directly and indirectly, high-end accessories for tech savvy customers that demand luxury products at a competitive price. The e-GLAM collection of laptop handbags/briefcases can be seen and purchased exclusively online at http://www.e-glam.com. Presentations LLC is a Fairfax, VA based graphic design company which specializes in custom print and packaging materials for corporate and private events. Additional information is available at www.presentationsllc.com

e-GLAM, Inc. Partners with Educators 2.0 to “Spike” Teacher Tools

Reston, Va., March 24, 2006: e-GLAM, Inc. and Educators 2.0 have teamed up to put the latest mobile technology and effective instruction in the hands of teachers. e-GLAM, Inc. is better known for its innovative and fashionable approach to luxury, technology accessories like laptop bags for women, men, and individuals living an active lifestyle.

“Up to now, e-GLAM, Inc. has provided financial support to the impressive Educators 2.0 program, which was started with the concept of matching tech savvy math and science teachers with schools systems.” comments e-GLAM’s spokesperson, Chimene Davis.

“Over time, we recognized that we are in the midst of an educational perfect storm; an education evolution, shortage of teachers, proliferation of advanced technology, and a future workforce in need of tech savvy teachers today.”

e-GLAM, Inc. will work closely with Educators 2.0 to help them implement their vision to identify appropriate wireless technology that can put effective instruction in the hands of educators allowing them anytime, anywhere instruction. www.educatorstoday.com

Chimene Davis explains, “e-GLAM plans to be apart of an innovative program that will level the playing field for instruction in urban centers, rural communities, and suburban neighborhoods.” e-GLAM, Inc. believes it is critical to equip the present educators to effectively prepare the children for the year 2020 and beyond.

Join e-GLAM, Inc. as we celebrate Life Long Friendships in your city.

What makes life long friendships special?

  • They endure the test of time
  • Sharing the joys and the pains
  • Years of support and understanding
  • Understanding when others do not
  • Coming to the rescue anytime, anywhere
  • Celebrating the genius and loving the quirks
  • The ability to pick-up where you left off after a long absence

Join us as we :

  • Celebrate with music
  • Singles events
  • Culinary experiences
  • Vacation getaways
  • Fantasy outings
  • Sporting events
    and much more...

If you are interested in knowing more about our Friendship Tour, sponsorship opportunities or would like for us to celebrate in your city email:
Chimene Davis at Suburban Entertainment:

Presentations LLC is graphic design business based in the Washington, DC Metro area. Partners Susan Wilson and Pam Colaluca use creative means to help their clients break through communication clutter and make the most of all their touch points with customers and prospects—particularly those that are often overlooked in traditional marketing efforts.

By providing originally designed packaging, invitations, handouts, and small favors, Presentations provides a method for businesses to express their brand values in unexpected ways.

“The ultimate goal is for our clients to make a real and lasting impact each time they make contact with their customers and prospects, to create pieces that are out of the ordinary and memorable,” says Colaluca. We aim to create pieces that are so unique they will be held on to, passed around and talked about.

Expanding Your Brand In New Ways

Top 3 ways to maximize client communication

1. Consistency, consistency, consistency—Convey a consistent message, quality level, and style in everything that your business disseminates. If you do not have the time or resources to ensure that a giveaway meets the quality and creativity standards in your other marketing materials, better to skip it all together.

2. Don’t forget the “small stuff”—Companies spend great time and effort on traditional forms of marketing--be sure to apply that same amount of attention to client gifts, networking handouts, packaging and event materials. Particularly for smaller businesses, these channels can be golden opportunities to stand out.

3. It’s all about the presentation—Making an impact does not require an unlimited budget. Although quality is imperative, creativity and originality go much farther to creating an impression than the actual cost of a gift or giveaway.

For more information or assistance with expanding your brand, please contact Presentations LLC

Pam Colaluca & Susan Wilson
Co-Founders, Presentations, LLC
email: info@presentationsllc.com
web: www.presentationsllc.com

e-GLAM, Inc. Goes Hollywood

FAIRFAX, Va., March 8 – e-GLAM, Inc. has awarded Suburban Entertainment Group, LLC, a Southern California based entertainment company, its global creative campaign for the line of laptop handbags/briefcases. The branding strategy and campaign for Amber, Tribeca and Kanji collections will begin summer 2006.

While all three laptop handbag/briefcase lines are for the luxury and high-end, business market, the Amber collection is targeting women, the Tribeca collection is for men and the Kanji collection is a unisex brand that targets young adults living an active lifestyle.

Suburban Entertainment’s managing partner, Chimene Davis, comments. “We are extremely excited to have e-GLAM as a client. The company's out-of-the-box thinking will really make an impact on consumers and on the accessories industry. e-GLAM products have a global vision that matches their fresh creative approach to product design. As their media company, our approach is to expand our client's vision and to deliver their dreams!”

e-GLAM, Inc. is a "Click and Mortar" company, which designs and distributes directly and indirectly, high-end accessories for tech savvy customers that demand luxury products at a competitive price. The e-GLAM collection of laptop handbags/briefcases can be seen and purchased exclusively online at http://www.e-glam.com.

Suburban Entertainment Group, LLC is an entertainment company located in Encino, California where we create, market, and distribute content for film, television, and web based media including the newest frontier of Podcasting.

100 Truly Amazing Women

e-GLAM Founder Robin McDougal Has It in ...Be Inkandescent: What does the next decade look like for e-GLAM? ... Be on the lookout for more from Robin in Be Inkandescent Magazine. ... http://trulyamazingwomen.com/the-women/e-glam-founder-robin-mcdougal-has-it-in-the-bag...

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