e-GLAM's products blend seamlessly in to your life, not the other way around.

e-GLAM provides luxury laptop cases for the world’s tech savvy, professionals pursuing their interests while being organized and connected.

With the evolution of wireless technology “spiked” with bells and whistles like cameras, text messaging, personalized ring tones and music downloads, on demand communication is like air…we need it to breath and survive.

Today’s mobile technology carrying cases must step up and meet the needs of their owners who live, work and entertain themselves anywhere, anytime all while being connected to the world.

e-GLAM’s products blend seamlessly in to your life, not the other way around.

e-GLAM - Our Mission!

Our Mission: To create high quality accessories that provide our customers luxury, unprecedented level of freedom and self expression, something we refer to as; Customized Empowerment

e-GLAM is here for you!

Our team has more than 30 years combined experience in the world of fashion accessories manufacturing, design, and world class customer service.

If you are:

  • a buyer expanding your product line,
  • a marketing expert looking for promotional items,
  • an incentives specialist adding to your catalogue,
  • an alumni official rewarding membership,
  • an association director planning a conference,
  • a company saying thank you to your staff or clients,

e-GLAM can say it for you with style and distinctive newness.

e-GLAM and you!

e-GLAM wants to give you a competitive edge.

Fully loaded, each bag has over 27 compartments which can hold an iPod, PDA,CD’s, files, mobile phone, keys, passport, airplane tickets, and a computer.

Each bag can be colorized with your desired PMS color.

Each bag can be personalized with your logo or Tattoo. We will customize our designs for you or we will create an original design to meet your needs.

e-GLAM offers the option of custom designs or ready to customize designs (custom color/logos/embroidered).

Each bag arrives loving wrapped in our signature blanket of appreciation.

Customized Empowerment

  • Our customers aren’t waiting for opportunity, they create it.
  • Our customers influence and leverage their opportunity.
  • Our customers are entrepreneurs, community leaders, & global decision makers.
  • Our customers use technology to stay connected and entertained.
  • Our customers expect to be stylish and organized.
  • Our customers are tech savvy consumers expecting variety.
  • Our customers seamlessly blend technology into their life, not the other way around.

If this sounds like your customers, then let e-GLAM work with you to give your customer what they crave!